A short history of jewelry boxes

- Aug 10, 2019-

Also called “jewelry caskets”, jewelry boxes date back as far as the Stone Age. Of course, throughout history, jewelry was itself considered a luxury, and thus jewelry boxes were needed only by the wealthy, who used them to keep important documents safe and protected, alongside jewelry. The original boxes were great pieces of furniture, usually not bigger than a small wooden chest. It was the industrial revolution that made them mainstream, as it finally became possible for them to be mass-produced at relatively low prices and in smaller sizes, in factories. Still, many of the older jewelry boxes were kept and sometimes even restored, now being displayed in various museum and castles. Antique collectors can find old unique jewelry boxes that are being sold today.

Why you should own a jewelry box

It is possible that since you are reading this, you have probably made up your mind about investing in a jewelry box. But just in case you are having second thoughts, here are some obvious and some less obvious reasons as to why everyone with a jewelry collection should own a jewelry box.

First of all, one could look at jewelry boxes as a way of mixing business and pleasure: they get the job done, as they protect and store your pieces of jewelry, but they are also fun and aesthetically pleasing objects to own. You should be proud of having a nice jewelry box on display because they are sure to add a whole new decorative dimension to your table or dresser. When traveling, a small jewelry box is the handiest way of making sure the pieces you have chosen to wear on your trip are safe and all in one place. The same box will ensure they don’t get damaged by potential bad handling at the airport. Moreover, you should not look at your jewelry box as something adjacent to your jewelry collection, but rather as a defining element of it. In the end, it is what gives you a collection and the actual look, feel and structure. One could even argue that a pile of jewelry is not an actual collection, in the absence of a place to display it and its finesse.

A good jewelry box is a universal solution to all those issues.