Packaging technology for cartons

- Nov 12, 2018-

1. The internal structure of the internal structure of the packaging needs to be based on the size of the goods and the performance of the product design, if the goods are fragile items, then the inside of the carton will be thickened and widened, leaving extra space for another step of the design, can be loaded into the sponge and other soft items, can also be the inside of the carton protruding some,This allows the product to have a buffer space in the case of being squeezed.

2. External packaging external packaging mainly focus on design, according to the product design a set of unique solutions, so that consumers at a glance, so that the unique place of goods, without unpacking, we can know the whole of the goods, I believe professionals can do. 

3. Carton processing tray processing is very simple, but very important, the treatment is just right, can improve the grade of goods, paper selection is also inevitable important, can be based on different products for different treatment.