Scope of use of paper cards

- Nov 12, 2018-

Paper card use is very wide range, paper mobile phone recharge card is a very good representative. On the market on the mobile phone recharge card In addition to providing a password, plastic card itself is useless, recharge card users are very many, common mobile phone recharge card are plastic, not easy to degrade, users after the use of a throw, will cause a lot of environmental problems. By contrast, paper cards are not contaminated and are a green card. A variety of telephone cards issued nationwide, the number of Internet cards is amazing, these non-degradable plastic cards made of PVC, to bring a lot of "perpetual waste" to the community. In order to curb the alarming growth rate of this disposable waste, some business card companies have started to take alternative measures from an environmental perspective. This paper recharge card replaces the plastic card, and the environmental situation will be greatly improved by hundreds of millions of abandoned recharge cards per month. Moreover, paper cards are safer, avoiding problems such as scratching the card surface, theft of passwords, and unclear duration of use. "Green Recharge Card" also indicates the purchase point and the card time, in case of verification, will not buy fake cards, with the face value does not match the card and so on.