10 Uses For Cardboard

- Jun 25, 2019-

Cardboard is a ubiquitous packaging material, especially if, like me, you order a lot of things from the internet. You could let those cardboard boxes, supports, and more stack up until you head to the recycling place ... or you could repurpose them, getting a few more rounds of creative use out of them before you finally send the cardboard off into that good night.

Sure, you might have cardboard boxes arrayed for storage under your cozy Philadelphia roof, but isn't that a bit...mundane? Why not try these unusual uses for used cardboard?

1. Floor protection for events

2. Knife sheath

3. Compost material

4. Recycling and trash organizers (especially for events)

5. Quick and dirty raised beds

6. Plant guards

7. Filing

8. Weed control

9. Seedling starters

10. Be my fire starter