Common Tote Bag Printing Size

- Nov 26, 2018-

The design of the handbag printing design should also focus on the design of the paper opening, and design according to the opening table, which can save paper and avoid unnecessary waste. The size of the handbag print is usually based on the size of the package. The standard size of the universal tote bag is divided into three, four or four. Each is divided into two types: positive or generous. Its handbag printing net size consists of length × width × height.

Handbag printing positive four-open size (280 × 200 × 60mm)

Handbag printing large four-open size (340 × 210 × 75mm)

Handbag printing positive three-open size (340 × 210 × 75mm)

Tote bag printing large three-open size (360 × 280 × 80mm)

Handbag printing positive open size (400 × 290 × 90mm)

Tote printing large open size (450 × 210 × 100mm)