Gift Packaging Design Needs To Pay Attention To Six Points

- Dec 05, 2018-

1. The packaging of gifts cannot choose materials that damage the gifts. Those contaminated and irritating packaging materials will not only damage the built-in gifts, but also endanger the health and safety of the recipients.

  2, the packaging of gifts can not hinder the use of gifts, try not to change the original structure of the gift during the packaging process. To use easy-to-open packaging, for food gifts that are prone to deterioration, remember not to deteriorate the internal foods due to packaging.

  3. If it is delivered by mail or long-distance, then you must pay attention to the firmness, wear resistance, and even waterproof of the gift packaging.

  4. When carrying gifts by means of transportation, the length, width, height and structure of the gift packaging should be easy to carry.

  5, in particular, the use of any form of packaging can not destroy the relevant description and introduction of the original product.

  6, color and pattern are the basic elements of gift packaging, but also the basic style of packaging.