Packaging design function

- Dec 07, 2018-

The packaging design can give people a pleasing feeling. The packaging of goods is like its own face, and the pleasing image naturally attracts more customers. The quality of the packaging depends on the quality of the design. If the design idea can jump out of the traditional concept, it will make people feel refreshed and attract customers. How can I not buy back a product that makes me feel good and loves my heart? If it is a kind of gift product, the design of the package is exquisite and superior, the recipient will be happy, and the giver will have a face, maybe a repeat customer.

The packaging design has the function of merchandising. In addition to paying attention to the shape design, the packaging design of the product also pays attention to the functional characteristics of the product, which is the so-called selling point. For example, "I am afraid of getting angry, and Wang Laoji" is widely advertised as an advertisement, so that people often think of Wang Laoji as a commodity when they talk about getting angry. It can remind people of a particular situation and think of the product. This is also a means of marketing.