How To Make Custom Clothing Paper Bag?

- Oct 11, 2019-

According to the current technology, packaging manufacturer wholesale clothing made paper bags are the structural pattern of a paper material molding, believe in the next few years or the pattern, if everyone's model is the same, clothes bag making style characteristic, should how beckoning, share with you the below, compare single arm in arm bag, how to make unique design?

1: the application of specialty paper, many people would say, is not specialty paper, but the ability to process a lot of specialty paper is poorer, difficult and time-consuming to do, the general garment paper bag order is a large number of production, of course, choose the general single copper paper or cardboard will be better, but although specialty paper, but we can choose simple specialty paper, so that it can achieve the effect of different, can highlight the characteristics of it.

2: the size of paper bag, many people will have question, what is the relationship between character and size, according to the market data statistics, if at the time of shopping, have a big bag, they will put more small things in, carrying a large bag directly with respect to ok, this means that many consumers if get hand bag is bigger size, can accommodate a bottle of water, a small bag, they will repeatedly and repeatedly in the process of shopping use the paper bag, the bag between impression will be invisible into the consumer's mind, so you know the meaning of clothing bags customized.

Finally summary, special-shaped bag why haven't come up with, because the paper market is stable now, and is not to say that hold special garment paper bag custom-made market, just not advocate this approach, it is because of the common characteristics of garment paper bag will be a difficult process, the process of scrap rate is too high, so the practice of waste will influence the development of social demand.