Industrial Paper Tube Why It Is Widely Used

- Sep 17, 2019-

According to statistics, the world's 90 or so paper tube produced in the southeastern United States. The region has a subtropical monsoon climate, which is influenced by the warm Gulf Stream. The climate is warm and humid, which is very suitable for the growth of pinus vulgaris and loblolly pine. These southern pine fibers are long and thick, making them excellent raw materials for the production of paper tubes. Where to have those who sell paper tube at present, quotation of paper tube of domestic entrance is not handled every ton 6000 yuan -6300 yuan, already handled every ton 6200 yuan -6500 yuan. It is reported that in August, foreign investors may raise the price of imported paper tube again, mainly because domestic paper tube has been dependent on imports, and the August market season is coming, many customers began to catch the order, market demand will be magnified again, it is expected that the increase of imported paper tube in August will reach $30 per ton. Domestic paper tube because of its small production, also do not rule out the possibility of price rise. Stimulated by the market demand, the consumption of paper tube in China has increased rapidly in the past 10 years, while the domestic paper tube production capacity has not expanded simultaneously, mainly due to the lack of wood raw materials. China's forest resources are mainly distributed in the northeast and southwest state-owned forest areas, further comparison of geographical location, climate conditions, only fujian and guangdong, guangxi a few areas suitable for the production of paper tube. In recent years, foreign multinational papermaking companies break into the Chinese market, has quite a few international paper group has invested large pulp mill in our country, at the same time also brought the advanced technology and management, to satisfy the our country independent technical requirements needed for the paper tube factory, the production of the domestic market may rise to borrow a lot of small and medium-sized paper tube manufacturing enterprises. As an emerging industry in China, disposable sanitary products have a broad development prospect. However, due to the lack of wood materials and production cost, the paper tube production enterprises in China have not been well developed for a long time. In view of the increasing consumer demand for paper tube products in China, domestic paper tube manufacturers have begun to improve the pulp rate through the development of new professional production technology, or use the new technology to transform other relatively cheap raw materials to pulp, in order to ensure a certain profitability of enterprises, and improve the competitiveness of domestic paper tube market. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the performance, breathability and thickness of paper tube products will be increasingly high. In the future, high-grade paper tube products will gradually become the mainstream of the market.