Jewelry Box Color Selection Is Very Important

- Dec 06, 2018-

Today's jewellery packaging is primarily based on the packaging style and color application of the product. The jewelry box is the external image of jewelry, leaving the top image of the customer. So how to plan a good jewelry package is extremely important. Jewelry box packaging is different from other merchandise packaging, not only its own products are expensive, but its jewelry box planning needs more outstanding jewelry brand civilization. Jewelry boxes are designed to meet people's feelings, so planning and positioning is usually elegant, gorgeous, extravagant and fashionable. Nowadays, more and more brands are not looking for dazzling colors when planning jewelry boxes. To the ultimate high-end, classic and permanent, even after decades, you can continue to use. In this way, in a number of brands, the company is a self-contained one. There are also many exquisite materials in the data, the use of wood, high-grade leather and other materials, highlighting the noble smell from the details.

The external image of the brand when jewellery is packaged is the top image left to customers. Therefore, the jewelry box not only needs to reflect the protection of the jewelry, but also needs to consider its beauty, let the customer enjoy the beauty enjoyment in the jewelry and its packaging, and then promote the sale. The embodiment of the visual transmission of jewelry packaging is the combination of text, graphics, color and other elements to bring beauty to customers.