Paper Bag Custom Bronzing Process Introduction?

- Oct 11, 2019-

In paper made in the paper, a process called hot stamping process, it is to use a certain requirements of the pressure and the appropriate temperature, use in hot stamping plate on the hot stamping version, will help keep the print and hot plate on the hot stamping paper close together, usually made of metal foil, aluminum foil, color pigments foil etc. According to the requirements of hot stamping templates of graphic transfer printing to be very hot the surface of printed matter, the effect has a very strong sense of metal. Generally used in clothing paper bags, high-end cosmetics paper bags. In the experience of visual effects, bronzing effect in the custom paper bag can be very obvious to highlight the brand image, bronzing paper bags are generally combined with embossing, concave and convex process.

The main application features are as follows:

1. Holographic laser bronzing. The characteristics of anodized aluminum bronzing temperature, bronzing pressure and speed control, bronzing machine have higher operating requirements.

2. Ordinary bronzing. Generally used for bank CARDS, PVC CARDS

3 uv is on the surface of bronzing, this process is generally used in a relatively small range, on the anodized aluminum in gold, silver ink and dumb oil control requirements are very high.