Paper Packaging Has Many Advantages

- Jan 14, 2019-

As a packaging material, paper packaging has many advantages.

1. The raw materials for the production of paper and cardboard are derived from nature, rich in source, low in cost and suitable for large-scale production of machinery;

2. Compared with other packaging containers, the carton has good mechanical strength and good cushioning performance. It also has heat insulation, shading, moisture proof and dustproof, which can protect the goods well.

3. Paper and paperboard are easy to cut, fold, bond or staple, and form packaging containers such as cartons, cartons, paper bags, etc. with different shapes and functions, which are suitable for mechanized processing and automatic production, and can also be manually created. Beautiful packaging. The paper products before packaging can be folded and stored, saving space and reducing costs;

4, the paper and paperboard surface is flat, can print beautiful patterns, which is conducive to promotion; especially on the supermarket shelves, the products with exquisite printing and decoration and unique style can stimulate consumers' desire to purchase;

5. Paper and cardboard packaging materials are non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, safe and sanitary; various kinds of paper packaging materials controlled by strict technological conditions can meet the packaging requirements of different commodities and will not pollute the contents of the packaging;