The Purpose Of The Carton Is Not Only To Hold Things

- Jan 14, 2019-

With the rapid development of the packaging carton industry, the use of carton is not only simple to hold things, people pay more and more attention to the beauty, green and environmental protection of carton. High quality and high quality carton is the most important factor. There are four important factors that affect the quality of carton:

The first point, the quality of the glue: corn glue is an important binder in the production of carton, can increase the hardness and endurance of the carton, and is not easy to deform, the adhesion is relatively good, naturally needless to say.

The second point, the quality of the cardboard: the quality of the cardboard is determined by the quality of the base paper, so to use high-quality cardboard, high-quality base paper is required.

Third, the production environment of the carton: We all know that the carton is easy to get wet, and it will affect the compressive strength of the carton after the damp. Therefore, the production environment temperature and air humidity of the carton are generally required to be low.

The fourth point, the paper matching skills: in order to increase the pressure resistance of the carton and carton should first enhance the compressive strength of the core paper.