Types Of Jewelry Boxes By Shape

- Aug 27, 2019-

#1. Lighted jewelry boxes

Interior lighting is usually a feature of the bigger storage options, such as armoires or wall boxes. That is mainly because when it comes to those, lighting is essential in order to increase visibility inside. Lightbulbs are usually placed at the top of the armoire so they shine down on the various compartments. The inside of the door can also have lights at the top, especially if it contains hooks or a mirror. For these, the lighting serves a very practical purpose.

There are also individual jewelry boxes that have lighting. For these, a small LED light inside the lid is used to light up the piece of jewelry inside, upon opening. Here, the purpose of the light is less practical and more decorative or eye-catching.

Other jewelry boxes have tiny colorful LED lights on the exterior, and there the purpose is strictly decorative. This is mainly a feature of children’s jewelry boxes.

2.  Musical jewelry boxes

These are a truly charming classic. Musical boxes are quite small in size and are used mostly for their decorative qualities or for storing some unique or special items. About the size of a keepsake box, maybe a bit larger, their layout is somewhat more complex, most of them including various padded compartments for rings, watches, and earrings.

Some of them include trays, which are perfect for bracelets and necklaces. They are usually made of cardboard or pressboard. Some collectible musical boxes, and thus the more expensive ones, are made of porcelain or wood. Since the porcelain ones are fragile due to the nature of their material, it is especially recommended that they are treated with care and not overfilled with jewelry. Some musical boxes do contain mirrors.

When the lid opens, they play music, usually a lullaby or a well-known piece of classical music. For added charm, most of them include a ballerina or some other figurine that spins to the rhythm of the music.

Musical boxes are excellent gifts, especially for children. In fact, they would be fit for a child’s jewelry collection, which doesn’t have that many pieces. They are certainly not something you would buy as the main storage place of your collection, but rather as a special part of it, where you store the pieces that have sentimental value or you find to be special.

#3.  Stackable jewelry boxes

If you were to describe these boxes in a single word, the word would definitely be “practical”. Basically, they consist of some trays that you stack on top of each other, in order to create your jewelry box. The top tray has a hinged top. Usually, each tray has a different layout, offering a variety of storage options for different types of jewelry.

To ensure that your jewelry is stored in optimal conditions, the interior of the compartments is usually lined with soft fabric, to avoid any potential damage and gently polish each piece, as they are taken out to be worn and placed back afterward. This stackable system allows you to pick the trays that have the right number of each compartment for you. It’s the Build-A-Bear of jewelry boxes.

#4. Mirrored jewelry boxes

Mirrored jewelry boxes never fail to add a whole new decorative dimension to your dresser. The fact that they are covered in mirrors makes them blend in with any interior design style, being a safe option for everyone who cares about the interior design of their home but is not sure what would fit in.

They come in every design and size, which means you can find one no matter how large your collection. And yes, in case you were wondering: most mirrored jewelry boxes do contain mirrors on the inside!

#5. Lockable jewelry boxes

Lockable jewelry boxes are something everyone with a passion for expensive pieces should consider. They offer some extra reassurance that your jewelry is kept safe in case kleptomaniacs are around. The majority of lockable jewelry boxes have a lock and key system, while the more modern ones can use a code to protect your jewelry. Most people choose lockable boxes over the other types because they are the safest option in the world of jewelry boxes.

#6. Luxe ribbon jewelry boxes

Luxe ribbon jewelry boxes are usually boxes for individually packaging pieces of jewelry. They come in many types of designs and layouts, depending on the type of jewelry they are intended for: there are earring boxes, that come with slits in which earring hooks can be inserted; there are bracelet boxes, which are longer and slimmer and have elastic bands at both ends, keeping the bracelet in place and there are ring boxes, which are usually square or rectangular and have a slot in the middle, for one or two rings.

They are kept very simple as far as design goes and they tend to be made of cardboard, which is lighter and cheaper. However, most of them have some sort of decorative accessories, such as a ribbon, which amplifies their simple elegance.

#7. Cotton-filled jewelry boxes

Much like luxe ribbon boxes, cotton-filled boxes are used to package individual pieces of jewelry. Usually made of cardboard as well, their common feature is that they contain a cotton cushion inside, which is meant to protect and even carefully polish the pieces of jewelry, as they are being handled.

If you want to mail jewelry to someone, cotton-filled boxes can be a great alternative to postal jewelry boxes. They offer great protection and they are also lightweight: both the cotton and the cardboard, the main materials these boxes are made of, are exceptionally light, so they are a very cheap option when shipping jewelry. Of course, there is a wide variety of colors and designs available.

#8. Lift top jewelry boxes

Lift top jewelry boxes are those boxes that have a hinged lid. They are more practical not only because the lid is harder to misplace and it stays in the same place as the box, but also because of all the space underneath the lid, which is very difficult to put to good use with a detachable lid.

In most lift top jewelry boxes, the inside of the lid has a mirror, which is very conveniently placed for people who like to try on multiple pieces of jewelry before deciding on the best one. Thus, they are very convenient for the majority of jewelry lovers. Other lift top boxes put that space to good use by having pouches, inside of which people can store jewelry. They can also hang earrings on the elastic band that closes off the pouch. Lift tops are the most practical option available.

#9. Individual jewelry storage box

These boxes usually consist of a heavily compartmented tray with a lift top. The compartments are numerous, usually square or rectangle and smaller in size. To increase visibility inside, most of them are made out of transparent plastic, or they at least have a transparent lid. This is a very helpful feature, as it gives you an overview of all the compartments, without even having to open the box.

These boxes would be a great choice for people with extensive ring and earring collections since the compartments are usually relatively small. They wouldn’t be an adequate choice for necklaces and it would certainly be impossible to store something like a bangle in these.

#10. Rotating jewelry boxes

Rotating jewelry boxes are usually larger in size. In fact, some of them can be labeled as armoires. Like most armoires, they have a variety of compartments and trays, fit to store most types of jewelry. To make handling them and browsing through them for the perfect piece of jewelry, they rotate. This way, they allow you to have a literal look around your box without having to move. Well, except your arm.

They are practical for people with medium or large jewelry collections, as they have a lot to browse through before making a decision.

#11.  Removable tray jewelry boxes

Removable tray jewelry boxes are usually the size of a regular jewelry box. Their main distinctive feature is that they have a large, simple compartment at the bottom, which is uncovered by removing a tray that sits on top of it. Usually, the tray includes multiple storage options for various types of jewelry, including slots for sings and small compartments for bracelets. Removing the tray is made easy by two leather handles which are placed at both ends of the tray.