Visual Communication Skills For Packaging Design

- Nov 26, 2018-

(1) text

Text is the basic symbol for recording and expressing emotions and communication ideas between people. It is the most direct and effective visual communication element. Through a large number of printings, the message to be conveyed can be spread. And packaging is the most direct and largest way of promotion in product marketing. Therefore, whether the use of text in packaging design is appropriate, it becomes a key to whether packaging can achieve promotional tasks.

The text itself has evolved through long-term tempering, and it has the beauty of pictogram itself. With the breath of art, if the packaging designer can make good use of the text, the light is only by the arrangement and change of words and words, the font Flexible use can make a great design. Since the text can be said to be an indispensable component of every package, the package designer must have an individual understanding, that is, to do the packaging well, the text must be mastered first.

If you want to control the text, the designer may have to understand the characteristics of the various fonts in order to select the appropriate font for the characteristics of the product. In addition to having an in-depth understanding of existing font features, designers can also create new forms of fonts based on the characteristics of the product to attract the attention of the customer and achieve the purpose of sales.

(2) color

Color can directly stimulate people's vision, which can change people's emotions and indirectly affect people's judgments. Therefore, color has become one of the key factors affecting the success of packaging design.

A good package must have good visuals and capture the attention of consumers, so that it will be an excellent salesman in supermarkets, advertisements and prints. Therefore, for packaging designers, how to apply the characteristics of color to shape the visual communication of goods packaging and change people's emotions has become the focus of research on color issues.

First of all, the designer should have rich knowledge of color science, understand the basic elements of color, color symbolism, legibility, suggestion, recognition, the feeling of various colors, the visual stimulation of the color itself. ..and many more. If the package designer can integrate the basic knowledge of color, he will be able to design a package with the most visual stimulating effect.

(3) pattern

On the packaging, the most common pattern representation is expressed in [figurative graphics] and [abstract graphics]. The biggest purpose of packaging is to sell the packaged contents (commodities), so basically let consumers know what to buy. At this time, if they only express through words and colors, it seems to be slightly less realistic. Frequently, the advantages of the product will be explained in a realistic, pictorial, and emotional way of expression. In order to express its realism, the representation of figurative graphics is usually expressed by photography or illustration techniques.