What Are The Main Materials In The Jewelry Box?

- Dec 09, 2018-

What kind of material is the jewelry storage box?

     First, the paper high-grade jewelry box: Now the carton on the market road is generally made of cardboard, wrapped in a layer of paper, the paper is generally imported from abroad. Such boxes are relatively cheaper, and are generally used in silver jewelry stores.

     Second, flocking high-grade jewelry box: flocking box is based on plastic as the primary structure, flocking appearance, looks more beautiful, but also lighter. Flocking boxes are relatively more advanced than cartons. Generally used for silver jewelry, gold, etc.

     Third, the gel high-grade jewelry box: This can be said to be the most widely used box in the jewelry work now, this kind of box is at the central price in price, the level is relatively low, is the first choice of most jewelers.

     Fourth, wooden high-grade jewelry box: is a comparative box, but the mall presents some wooden boxes are very cheap, but the quality is not good, mainly using mahogany, matt paint, high-gloss paint process. This type of box is generally used in a more advanced jewelry package.