What Kind Of Carton Is Used To Wrap Food?

- Dec 21, 2018-

First, isolation function

The carton is attributed to the porous fiber material, which has a certain permeability to moisture, gas, grease, etc., and the temperature and humidity have a great influence on its insulation. Do the proper appearance processing to satisfy the need for its isolation function.

Second, the processing function

The carton should have excellent processing functions, can be folded and disposed, and can be processed into various packaging containers by various sealing methods, and the mechanized processing operation can be simplified.

Third, mechanical function

The carton must have a certain degree of strength, stiffness and mechanical adaptability, with certain foldability, elasticity and tearing properties, etc., suitable for the manufacture of molded packaging containers or for wrapping.

Fourth, clean safety function

Carton usually retains certain chemical substances during the processing of paper, so it is necessary to select the paper correctly according to the packaging.

Five, print function

The paper used in the carton absorbs and bonds the ink, and the printing function is good, so the printing appearance is often used on the packaging.