Why Does The Raw Material Of Paper Tube Have Important Significance In The Production Process

- Sep 17, 2019-

Industrial paper tube after the need for harmony, in essence, is to deal with the relationship between good economic growth and situation protection. And how to deal with the relationship between the two, paper industry needs to consider, other such as coal industry, water and electricity industry, chemical industry and other industries need to be carefully considered. Solve the source of raw materials to do a good job in protecting the original forest and new rapid growth forest between the harmonious thing.

The harmonious relationship between the acceptance of rice-wheat straw as raw material by good paper factory and the increase of farmers' income and the environmental protection standards of the consumer enterprises of rice-wheat straw pulp. Probably choose the pigment you like to directly apply on the paper tube, to be careful, the color of the pigment is not too light, because the light pigment on the paper tube is not easy to cover evenly.

Paper tube packaging needs the support of paper tube raw materials, paper tube machinery is essential. Production related paper tube products are paper tube machine, cutting machine, cutting machine, paper cutting machine, adhesive cutting machine, automatic cutting machine, etc., products in paper making, printing, packing, textile and stationery and other industries widely used, and in nearly a decade of production process, survived numerous technical renovation, in design, material and manufacturing process, constantly updated, paper tube for perfection. From the beginning of the product to now green transformation, indicates that the product will enter a new production stage.

Paper barrel is also called cardboard barrel, which is a rigid drum with paper or cardboard and adhesive barrel body and barrel bottom and lid made of the same or other materials. It should have positioning performance between the bottom and lid so as to form a reliable storage container for stacking. Paper barrel packaging is widely used in export packaging, especially in chemical industry, medicine and other fields.

Paper barrels of production process is divided into several steps, the first to add raw materials by cutting paper configured drying adhesive with the rolled reel machine barrel body again, and then extended its configured hoop reinforcement and the barrel body roll forming, tap on the bottom, and barrel will iron mouth paint brush paint bucket body, will have to make a good lock collar and cover and barrel body, barrel body printed logo, is complete the making process of the drum.