Wine Boxes - Two Sizes

- Jul 03, 2019-

Standard fits 95% of all bottles, any style of bottle, 750ml or less, 12.25 inches or less in height

wide is used for the TALL bottles in your collection such as most Alsatian wines, Rieslings, Ice Wines, and certain other wines (e.g. Caymus Special Selection). The box fits any style of bottle, 750ml or less, between 12.25" and 13.125" in height.

Our boxes can be used to pack a single 4L to 6L bottle, or two 3L bottles (oriented in opposite directions) provided packing paper is used to hold them securely in place. Magnums (1.5L) or 750ml bottles greater than 13" in height won't fit into either box.

We do not recommend putting regularly sized (12" tall) bottles into a wide box. Use the standard box whenever possible.

We may also have a selection of foam shippers and other boxes on hand. Call us at 416-593-9463 for details.